Welcome to Industry 4 Turbomachinery

Industry 4 Turbomachinery (151820 C2/GBL); Building the bridge between your critical rotation machinery and the connected world of industry 4.0.

The company was founded to carry out trading, Service delivery, System engineering and general consulting within the specialised field of rotating machinery. Our focus is on the Control, Protection, Condition Monitoring and Instrumentation surrounding these critical plant assets.

Industry 4 Turbomachinery aims to always be ahead of the curve with regards to technology integration. By leveraging expertise and tools from our principal partners we monitor your assets in any corner of the world, from any corner in the world. Beneficial use of our technologies allows our customers the freedom to focus on their core operations.

Routed in Africa, we understand the requirements and challenges of doing business in the mother continent; more so we understand the necessity of expertise and service without the inherent delays of travel. Integrity is paramount to our group and respective partners. We are valued for the quality of our service and the level of specialist knowledge that we bring to the table.